The Hated Crew
PvE And PvP Zones
The entire map should be considered a PvE zone unless otherwise stated.
Land Claims
Your land claim block offers 100% protection from player damage over a 61x61 block area.  The edge of your land claim must be at least 25 blocks from the edge of other player's land claims.  You may use multiple land claim blocks, within reason, if needed.  If you do not sign into the server for 14 days your land claim will expire and be considered abandoned.  Adandoned land claims, bases, and equipment may be occupied or looted by other players.
Mod Installation
The Hated Crew Server:

7DTD Version: Alpha 17.1(B9) Stable
Current Mod: None (Vanilla)
EAC Requirement: ON

The Hated Crew II Server:

7DTD Version: Alpha 17.1(B9) Stable
Current Mod: Darkness Falls
Mod Website: Click Here
EAC Requirement: OFF

7D2D Mod Launcher URL:

Install Method 1 (7D2D Mod Launcher):
  1. Start with a fully updated and clean copy of 7 Days To Die.  If you have old mods installed we suggest you uninstall the game, close Steam, delete the 7 Days To Die folder, and then reinstall the game in Steam.
  2. Install 7D2D Mod Launcher.
  3. Configure 7D2D Mod Launcher by using the "Open URL..." feature and putting in our 7D2D Mod Launcher URL from above. Copy and paste the link into 7D2D Mod Launcher, do not download the file.  (You generally only need to do this once.)
  4. Finally, select "The Hated Crew" in 7D2D Mod Launcher and you should see our servers listed.  Click on the server you want to join.
  5. When doing a first time install, 7D2D Mod Launcher will need to install a copy of 7 Days To Die to use with the mod.  You can have it copy from your existing 7 Days To Die folder.  Just click "Install Game Copy" to continue.
  6. Uncheck "Refresh Mods Automatically" and "Use EAC" on the configuration page.
  7. Next hit "Pre-Sync Mod" and then finally "Play Mod".  In the future, you only need to run "Pre-Sync Mod" if the mod version has been updated.
  8. If an update is issued, it's suggested you remove the existing mod install by clicking "Delete Complete" and do a complete reinstall of the mod to avoid issues.
Install Method 2 (Manual Install):
  1. Start with a fully updated and clean copy of 7 Days To Die.  If you have old mods installed we suggest you uninstall the game, close Steam, delete the 7 Days To Die folder, and then reinstall the game in Steam.
  2. Make a backup copy of your 7 Days To Die install in Steam.
  3. Unzip the mod file somewhere on your hard drive.
  4. Copy the files/folders from the mod's zip file into your 7 Days To Die folder.  Overwrite existing files when prompted.
  5. If the mod requires that EAC be disabled, start the game by right clicking "7 Days To Die" in Steam.  Then click "Show game launcher", and uncheck "Use EasyAntiCheat (EAC)".
  6. Then click "Run & Save as default".
Chat Commands
The following commands can be run from the chat box inside 7 Days To Die.  Some commands may be restricted to a certain user level.  Type /help in chat for more information.

Standard Commands:

/admin - List all administrators and moderators who are currently in game.
/bike - Teleport your bike to you if it's within 50 blocks. (You must first run the /bike command while riding the bike on your own land claim to set ownership.
/doncolor - Activate custom chat name coloring for people who donate to the server.  (Donation link on home page.)
/day /day7 /bloodmoon - Shows server stats and the next horde day.
/gimme - Gives you a free item.
/horde - Spawns a small horde near you.
/kickvote - Start a vote to kick a player if no moderator or administrator are online.
/bootme - Kicks you from the server.
/killme - Kills you!
/loc - Gives your current location.
/lotto <OPTION> - With no <OPTION> shows the status of any current lottery.  /lotto enter to enter an existing lottery.  Start a new lottery with /lotto <AMOUNT> where <AMOUNT> is the lotto entry fee in THC Bucks.
/ls <PLAYER> - Check when a player was last online.
/mutevote - Start a vote to mute a player if no moderator or administrator are online.
/pm <PLAYER> <MESSAGE> - Send a private message to another player.
/re <MESSAGE> - Reply to the last private message you received.
/reserved - Check the expiration date/time of your reserved status.  (For administrators, moderators, and donators.)
/reward - Receive a reward for voting for The Hated Crew 7DTD server.  (Voting link on the home page.)  May be used no more than once every 24 hours.
/restartvote - Starts a vote to restart the server if no moderator or administrator are online.
/shutdown - Shows the time until the server's next scheduled shutdown (Restart).
/stuck - Use if you're stuck, it will try to unstick you.
/surprise - Spawn a surprise.  (WARNING: Be prepared.)
/track /trackanimal - Track a nearby animal (Chicken, Pig, Stag, Bear, etc...).
/who <RADIUS> <TIME> - /who gives a listing of who was within 50 meters of your location in the last 24 hours.  You may add <RADIUS> in meters or <TIME> in hours, max of 120 hours of data available.
/weathervote - Start a vote to change the server's weather.  Users can vote with the /clear /rain or /snow commands.  Weather change lasts for 30 minutes.

Shop Commands:

/wallet - Displays the amount of THC Bucks you have in your personal wallet.
/shop - Shows items available to purchase from the shop.
/buy <NUMBER> <QUANTITY> - Buys item <NUMBER> from the shop.  Add the optional <QUANTITY> to buy multiple items at once.

Auction Commands:

/auction - List items for sale on the server.
/auction sell <PRICE> - Place a single item or single stack of stackable items in a secure storage chest.  While standing on top of the chest, run the command to sell the item(s) in the chest for <PRICE> in THC Bucks.
/auction buy <NUMBER> - Buy an item that's available for sale on the server.
/auction cancel - Stops an auction your started.

Teleport Commands:

/sethome /sethome2
- Sets a home teleport point at your current location.  Running the command a second time will overwite any previous home point that has been saved.
/home /home2 - Teleports you to the location set by the /sethome and /sethome2 commands.
/fhome /fhome2 - Same as /home and /home2, except nearby friends get an option to teleport with you.
/delhome /delhome2 - Deletes the saved teleport point set by /sethome and /sethome2.
/bag - Teleport to your last death location.
/friend <ENTITYID> - Teleport to a friend with <ENTITYID>.  Type /friend to list all online friend's entity IDs.  Friend must type /accept for the teleport to complete.
/lobby - Teleport to the Lobby area which features workstations and equipment.
/north - Teleport to the north central part of the map.
/west - Teleport to the west central part of the map.
/east - Teleport to the east central part of the map.
/hubcity - Teleports you to the map's hub city.

CSMM Commands: (Provided by CSMM server manager.)

$balance - Shows your Gambo Coin balance you've earned by playing time.  Used for teleport commands.
$calladmin <MESSAGE> - Submits a support request if no admin is online.
$help - Provides a list of CSMM commands.

Teleport Commands:

$settele <NAME> - Sets a new teleport point called <NAME>.
$tele <NAME> - Teleport to a saved point called <NAME>.
$removetele <NAME> - Remove a teleport point called <NAME>.
$listtele - List all of the teleport points you have created.
$listtele public - List all public teleport points created by any user.
$renametele <OLDNAME> <NEWNAME> - Renames an existing teleport point.
$telepublic <NAME> - Makes a teleport point public so others can use it.
$teleprivate <NAME> - Makes a public teleport point private again.

Base Protection Commands: (Protection from other players.)

$protect - Adds an 80x80 block protected area around you.  Should ONLY be used at your land claimed base.  Do not protect ANYTHING else, see the Rules.
$unprotect - Remove the protected area created with the $protect command.
$protectwl <STEAMID> - Add a player to your whitelist, they will have access to your protected area.
$protectunwl <STEAMID> - Remove a player from your whitelist, they will no longer have access to your protected area.
Console Commands
Type help in the console for a list of available console commands.  Type help <COMMAND> for more help on a specific command.  Administrators and moderators can get Steam ID's from lp or by logging into the web map and clicking PLAYERS on the left.

kick <PLAYER/STEAMID> <REASON> - Kicks a player or Steam ID from the server.  Reason is shown to the player when kicked, and it is optional.
ban [add | remove] <PLAYER/STEAMID> <DURATION> <REASON> - Bans a player or Steam ID from the server for the specified duration of time.  Reason is shown to the player and is optional.  Type help ban for more information.
lp - List players on the server and their location.
le - List entities in your current region/chunk along with their locations.
stopserver <MINUTES> - Stops the server in <MINUTES> with warnings posted in chat to let players know.  The server will get automatically restarted by the operating system after shutdown, but may take up to 10 minutes total to come back online.
jail [add | remove] <STEAMID> <TIME> - Add or remove someone from jail.  When using add, <TIME> is in minutes, use -1 for infinite.
telee - Teleport an entity to a new location.
tele - Teleport a player to a new location.