The Hated Crew
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Donator Perks

PerksMemberDonatorGold DonatorPlatinum Donator
#donators Discord ChannelNoYesYesYes
Reduced Command CooldownsNoYesYesYes
Chat Name PrefixNoYes (DON)Yes (GOLD)Yes (PLAT)
Chat Name ColoringNoYes (Green)Yes (Gold)Yes (Platinum)
Second /home CommandNoYesYesYes
Waypoints / Teleports3579
CSMM Economy (Gambo Coins)NoYes (1x Coins)Yes (2x Coins)Yes (3x Coins)
Donation RequiredNoneYes ($6/Month)Yes ($9/Month)Yes ($12/Month)

Terms And Conditions
  • All donations are used to pay for our server rental expenses.
  • All donations should be considered a non-refundable gift.
  • You are not purchasing any goods or services by making a donation.
  • Donator privileges cannot be guaranteed.
  • Server availability cannot be guaranteed.
  • Donation amounts less than $6 are considered gifts.
  • Donation amounts in excess of $36 are considered gifts.
  • Please include your game/Discord name or Steam ID in the note field when you donate.