The Hated Crew

Welcome to The Hated Crew 7 Days To Die Server.
Version: Alpha 16.4(b8) with Ravenhearst 3.1.5.

You must have Ravenhearst installed on your computer to connect to the server.
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Server Status And Voting

Support The Hated Crew Server

Donate Running The Hated Crew server costs over $100US per month, if you enjoy the server please consider a donation to help.  All donations go directly to our hosting provider, The Hated Crew owners and administrators have no direct access to the funds or your personal information.  All donations should be considered a nonrefundable gift and you are not purchasing any goods or services with your donation. A minimum donation of $6 is required to be considered for donator privileges on the server.  Please include your in game name or Steam ID in the note field to verify who sent the donation.  Thanks for your support.

Server News And Updates

05-20-18:Updated to Server Tools 10.7 and Coppi's Additions 4.8.
05-13-18:Added a new server, previous server is The Hated Crew II.
05-08-18:Updated to Server Tools 10.6.
04-25-18:Updated to Ravenhearst mod version 3.1.5.
04-24-18:Updated to Server Tools 10.1 and Ravenhearst mod 3.1.4.
04-15-18:Updated to Ravenhearst mod version 3.1.3.
04-11-18:Updated to Server Tools 9.7.
04-10-18:Updated to Ravenhearst mod version 3.1.2.
04-10-18: Updated to Server Tools 9.5 and moved to a new server.
04-07-18: Updated to Ravenhearst mod version 3.1.1.
04-06-18: Updated to Server Tools 9.3.
04-05-18: Updated to Ravenhearst mod version 3.1.  Server wiped.

7DTD And TeamSpeak Server Information
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