The Hated Crew

Welcome to The Hated Crew 7 Days To Die Server.
Some of our servers may require that you install mods in order to connect.
See the Help page for more information.
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Server Status And Voting

The Hated Crew Alpha 17.4 Darkness Falls 2.2

The Hated Crew II Alpha 17.4 Ravenhearst 5.4.12

Support The Hated Crew

Donate Thank you for supporting The Hated Crew. All donations via this link go directly to our hosting provider and The Hated Crew owners, admins, and others have no direct access to the funds. All donations should be considered a non-refundable gift. You are not purchasing any goods or services by making a donation. Donator privileges are a possible benefit of a donation. Typically one gains a month of donator privileges for each $5 donated. Donator privileges cannot be guaranteed.  Please place your Steam ID or name in the Note field when donating.
7DTD And TeamSpeak Server Information
The Hated Crew Server:

The Hated Crew II Server: